Smarter Dividends - Dividend Portfolio Tracker


Dividend Portfolio Tracking

Stop wasting your time with spreadsheets. Automatically tracks all of your dividend paying stocks. No more guessing how much dividend income your set to receive.

Time Machine

What if you could go back in time and test your strategy? Now you can! Pick a date in the past and then walk forward in time - see how your strategy performs.

Deep Learning (Coming Soon)

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to help find stocks that are set to outperform the market! Test using Time Machine and see how AI can help your trading.

Advanced Stock Screening

Find stocks based on company fundamentals, technical indicators, and Deep Learning based filters.

Company Insights

View unique fundamental and technical details about each company. Can be used in realtime as well as with Time Machine.

Wealth of Data

Fundamental data and Time Machine capabilities going back to 2008 for all US based stocks trading on NASDAQ and NYSE



$0 /mo
  • Track 1 Portfolio
  • Advanced Company Analytics
  • Over 50 Stock Filters
  • Time Machine with 1 year of data

PRO Plan

$9.95 /mo
  • Track Unlimited Portfolios
  • Track Unlimited Holdings
  • Advanced Company Analytics
  • Over 75 Stock Filters
  • Time Machine with 10+ years of data
  • FREE 7 Day Trial